bloop est une marque suisse d’Objet de Mode de Luxe et d’Objet Design basée à Genève.


about us

— bloop


This designer line of objects dressed in precious materials will adorn the interior of your contemporary universe.
Cushions, canvas, lamps and bags are all decorated with bloop design


They are items of clothing, but above all they are sculptures – works of art and works of fashion. bloop emphasises the sculptural aspect of fashion design. A sweatshirt, or jacket becomes a canvas upon which to expose the artwork. Unique, beautiful and striking, but eminently practical as well.
They are Wearable fashion objects.
Cloaked in white, bloop living pictures portray unusual characters or animals in geometric form in the N°1 Series “White Ceramic”.

Limited Edition Artworks

These collectible fashion objects are signed by their creator and offered as numbered limited editions in luxury boutiques but also in art galleries, in the same manner as the work of a painter or sculptor. Collections in fashion design and limited editions in the art world are in fact two sides of the same coin. Each unique fashion object bears the official seal of the bloop workshop and comes with its own certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by Julie Simon.

The serial number records the date of production and the number of objects produced as part of the edition. Together, these tie the artwork to its own particular art historical context, allowing its meaning to evolve over time.

Julie Simon

Contemporary Designer

Following her studies at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, majoring in Fashion and accessories, Julie Simon won the first ‘Fashion Angels’ prize at Geneva Fashion Week (Prix Bongénie Grieder – Brunschwig). Further recognition followed, with awards at the Concours Fédéral de Design in Bern for her first collection, the centerpiece of which was acquired by the Lausanne Museum of Contemporary Art (MUDAC). Her witty, sculptural ‘Melissa’ shoe was presented at Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week and the Milan International Design Festival before being produced commercially. The designer’s work has recently been on display at an exhibition of ‘luxury objects’ organised by Piaget.

A career spanning the worlds of Fine Art and Fashion design has inspired Julie Simon’s revolutionary concept of ‘wearable artworks’. This has involved developing groundbreaking manufacturing techniques and launching ‘bloop’, a new Swiss fashion brand. Switzerland is globally recognised as a centre for luxury, particularly in the watchmaking or jewellery industries. The high-quality materials, innovative production and attention to detail, anchor bloop firmly in the traditions of Switzerland’s luxury sector..

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